Dominik Pribyla

Effective digital marketer ready to deliver great results for your projects.


I have spent 8+ years in digital marketing working with 50+ brands to deliver wide variety of digital marketing projects. I always use data to make decisions based on what are my client’s biggest strengths and opportunities. This data-driven mindset allows us to have clarity every step of the way to help us achieve our goals.

Available for:

Freelance projects

Remote work


Bratislava, Slovakia


Developing and implementing complex strategies on automated personalized commhnication during any point of customer's lifecycle


CDP Platforms: Bloomreach/Exponea, SalesManago

E-mail marketing tools used for automation: Mailchimp, GetResponse, Ecomail, ActiveCampaign

Planning and creating engaging and converting content through e-mail newsletters using customer segmentation.


E-mail marketing tools: Mailchimp, GetResponse, Ecomail, ActiveCampaign

Developing complex strategies for digital marketing projects including data analysis, goal setting, budge allocation and action plan with clear timelines.

Analysing company and market data to help clients make informed data-driven decisions for their future activities.

Working with e-commerce projects on developing highly converting customer flows to increase conversion rates for product purchases and lead generation.

Developing multi-channel content strategies along with their implementation and coordination

Researching, consulting and working with targeted influencer partners on highly engaging social media content.


Some of the brands I worked with



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